Nayrie’s Portrait Mod

Nayrie’s Portrait Mod

Adds a new style of Portraits for all the Villagers in game (updated every 1 to 2 days until finished). Seasonal Mod upcoming.

Work in Progress:
Currently working on: Pierre

Every Portrait and Sprite is configurable in the config file.

Installation (always make a back-up):
1. Unpack
2. Drop/overwrite folders into Mods Folder.
3. Done!

~Stardew Valley Expanded (SVE) Users~

Run the game once to create Config File (located in [CP] Nayrie’s Portaits)

-Change everything Morris and Marlon to False

I have a portrait mod for SVE located here if you want more of this style

~Looking for Love (LfL) Users~

Run the game once to create Config File (located in [CP] Nayrie’s Portaits)

-Change everything to False for the following Characters

Gus (upcoming)
Lewis (upcoming)
Linus (upcoming
Marnie (upcoming)
Pam (upcoming)
Sandy (upcoming)
Willie (upcoming)
Wizard (upcoming)

I will be doing these versions immediately after I am done with this mod.


To make my mod compatible with others (such as Romance mods, etc), run the game once to generate the config file (located in [CP] Nayrie’s Portaits) Then change everything with the characters name you need to False.

If you had a Clint standalone Romance mod, then change everything with Clint to False in the config file (use notepad).

“ClintOriginal”: “False”,
“ClintwithBeard”: “False”,
“ClintSprite”: “False”,

If you want to use the Clint with a Beard alternate portrait, then set your config file to the following:

“ClintOriginal”: “False”,
“ClintwithBeard”: “True”,
“ClintSprite”: “False”,

When using alternate pics, make sure to change the Original versions to False.

If using another sprite mod is conflicting, either turn my sprite to false or change theirs to false (if applicable; or delete the sprite from their mod). I don’t use too many sprites so hopefully this shouldn’t be a problem.

Future Updates:
Looking for Love Bachelors and Bachelorettes
Seasonal Outfits mod

I’ve decided to take this on since I’ve kept the main game villagers similar to their original counterparts. This way it will be a more seamless transition to add their seasonal outfits to work with Tanpopnoko and Paradigmnomad Seasonal Villager Outfits mod. The hardest part will be having to do my own sprites for the SVE (the ones I completely changed) and LfL versions.

Possibly a high resolution rework version for Portriature in the future (non seasonal).

*These portraits are made for fun. I realize this style may not suit everyone or may no longer completely match the author’s original intent. This was made for myself and others who may enjoy this type of art.

**Edit help from my awesome sister EllaMoon! I would have given up and scrapped some of these without her help! <3 She is working on her own mod with portraits for the custom npcs on Nexus, which I will upload when she is finished.

***Thank you very much to Poltergeister for his Slightly Cuter Character Sprites! I used a few as a base for my own

Credits: Nayrie and EllaMoon as editor
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