Stardew Valley Money Cheat

Stardew Valley Money Cheat

If you’re looking to make some easy money in Stardew Valley, you’ll be happy to know that there is a great cheat for the game which you can try out. This Stardew Valley money cheat can be used in just about any platform, and all you have to do is tweak around with character customization at the start of the game.

To be more specific, you’ll have to name yourself something like [134][232][697] in order to make easy money in Stardew Valley. The numbers inside these brackets are item codes, and you can use up to 3 of them in your name. Whichever three item codes you use is entirely up to you. All that matters is that you do this correctly otherwise it won’t work as planned. Once you’ve named yourself something of the sort, you’ll get the items that are listed as item codes in your name every single time someone mentions said name. Meaning that each time your name pops up in a dialogue box, you’ll get the assigned items depending upon the item codes you have in your name.

You can choose to have three of the most valuable items in the entire game and then they’ll be automatically added to your inventory each time your name is mentioned. After this, you can sell said items in your inventory and earn as much money as you want through them. There are many characters that repeatedly mention your name in dialogue and you can keep interacting with them over and over again until you get as much as you want. Through this little Stardew Valley money cheat, you’ll always have an unlimited amount of money and can enjoy as much as you want without a hassle. Go ahead and try it for yourself and you’ll be able to see how great this Stardew Valley money cheat is for yourself.

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