Update of akarihora’s Midoriya Mod

Update of akarihora’s Midoriya Mod

A while ago, I came across this mod by akarihora. When I downloaded it, I realized that there were some problems and took it upon myself to fix them, as reports on the original mod’s page went unanswered for months and months.

This mod replaces Harvey with Midoriya Izuku from My Hero Academia. Below are the features that originally came with the mod:
– Dialogue files for pre-marriage
– Custom sprite
– Custom portrait

Here is a list of changes I made to the mod on my own:
– Minor edits to improve quality of portrait and fix the sizing-issue that was prevalent in the original mod.
– Changed Midoriya’s wedding outfit from a basic suit to his suit from the movie Two Heroes.
– Changed some of the colors on his sprite to improve quality and more-closely follow his design from the anime.
– Major fixes to the original dialogue in terms of sentence structure, grammar, and topic.
– Entirely new marriage dialogue, as the original mod did not include post-marriage dialogue files.

I did NOT make the portrait and sprite, only made minor changes to improve the quality. The original version of this mod was made by akarihora, and in their absence I’ve made the necessary improvements to make this mod actually usable.

Unfortunately, the heart events have not been changed. I’m unfamiliar with modding that aspect of the game, but I will make an attempt to create new events soon for Midoriya.

Bakugou will be fixed soon, the original mod did not come with actual dialogue files as it was packaged incorrectly, so both his regular and post-marriage dialogue files will need to be entirely re-written.

To use this mod:
– Download the .zip file.
– Make a copy of your original files for Harvey (dialogue, marriage dialogue, sprite, and portrait)
– Extract the zip file and move the necessary xnb files to each location. Each one is in a subfolder in the zip that tells you where it needs to go. DON’T mix them up!)

This file will not work with any mod through the mod manager that replaces the portraits for the entire village.

Credits: akarihora-dujo
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  1. Gabby says:

    This mod was near perfect! His portrait, dialogue, sprite, and interests are spot on– however, I found that when I replaced the NPCDispositions, the game would exit when I tried to sleep. By not replacing it, the game would work fine with the sprites, portrait, and dialogue going perfectly. It’s just that his name isn’t recognized. Can that be updated at all?

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