lilico’s Gigi Portrait Edits (Chaekal’s Wizard) for LfL

lilico’s Gigi Portrait Edits (Chaekal’s Wizard) for LfL

CREDIT goes to laixei/gigi for her STUNNING portraits! all i did was edit the young wizard one to make it compatible with wizard romance mods (namely Looking for Love).

this edit features 9 (10?) new portraits for the wizard in the same style as gigi! i originally edited it for personal use, but i figured i’d share it with others who also enjoy gigi’s portrait mod and play with Looking for Love (or other wizard romance mods). i based the expressions of this wizard on the young wizard’s portraits present in LfL’s files so that it wouldn’t have incorrect/wonky expressions when using this alongside LfL!

i want to make a patch for Romanceable Rasmodius that works hand-in-hand with this mod, but that’ll take a while (it has so many lines… adding in portrait commands is going to take some time ~_____~), so please take this for now ♡ also, linked below is the young wizard romanceable sprite edited by rizumu to go along with this cutie wizard!!!

Installation for Looking for Love
1. Unpack “lilico’s Gigi Hi-Res Portrait Edit (Chaekal’s Wizard ver.).zip”
2. Place “GigiWizard.png” in “[CP] Looking For Love > Assets > Portraits”
!!MAKE SURE YOU DON’T OVERWRITE THE ORIGINAL LFL PORTRAITS. Instead, rename LfL’s “Wizard.png” to “Wizard(Alt).png” and change “GigiWizard.png” to “Wizard.png”!!
3. Make sure in your LfL config that you specify you want the Updated Wizard graphic and not the vanilla
4. Enjoy!

Installation for Portraiture
1. Unpack “lilico’s Gigi Hi-Res Portrait Edit (Chaekal’s Wizard ver.).zip”
2. Place “GigiWizard.png” in “Portraiture > Portraits > [folder name, ex. Gigi]”
3. Rename “GigiWizard.png” to “Wizard.png” so that it becomes the active Wizard portrait
4. Enjoy!

Any other installation questions?
Reference the ORIGINALS installation instructions if you’re lost on how to install it in relation to said mod!

Credits: lilico
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