Pookachus Multiplayer Farms Standard

Pookachus Multiplayer Farms Standard

First of all Thanks for the interest in my multiplayer series of maps! The goal of each map is to set up each player with their own farming area while sharing the single farm map.

To install the Standard Farm map simply download, unzip and place in your mod folder. All players will need to do this. These maps are set up for 3 players (that is the primary player and two friends). I don’t play MP so I assume if you only have two players the 2nd cabin wont load and that space will be farm-able.

*These maps will require a fresh save to start*
To uninstall make sure you have cleared the map area of anything that isnt on the usual map size and then take the mod out of the SDV mod folder.
As I don’t play MP I will do limited testing. Let me know if you see anything that needs fixing.

*Extended Minecart*
While Extended Minecart doesn’t recommend you use it for MP i put it in just in case anyone wants to brave it. Change the config to

“RefuelingEnabled”: false,
“AlternateDesertMinecart”: false,
“AlternateFarmMinecart”: true,
“FarmDestinationEnabled”: true,
“DesertDestinationEnabled”: true,
“WoodsDestinationEnabled”: true,
“BeachDestinationEnabled”: true,
“WizardDestinationEnabled”: true,
“UseCustomFarmDestination”: true,
“CustomFarmDestinationPoint”: “77, 6”

Credits: Pookachu
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