Tidal Beach

Tidal Beach

A map mod that adds high and low tides variation to the beach map. Map change depends on the in-game time. The added maps feature splish splosh sound when the player walks on the wet sand tiles. Enjoy!

What does this mod do?
This mod adds a “tidal cycle” to the beach map
Using TMX the game will have a different map when the player enters the beach at a different time of the day:

Low tide (06:00-08:00)
Mid tide (08:10-12:00)
High tide (12:10-16:00) – This is the default map.
Mid tide (16:10-18:00)
Low tide (18:10-22:00)
Mid tide (22:10-26:00)

Currently, the map change is tied to the game time. Do note that all festivals on the beach will use its own map! And yes, this is compatible with SVE.

How can I configure the time?
The time can be configured. Open the /Mods/TidalBeach/[TMX] Tidal Beach/content.json.
Inside the content.json you will want to find the “replaceMaps” and change the stuff there. Take time to digest it a bit.

Install the dependencies
Download the mod
Extract the zip to /Mods. Inside the “TidalBeach” folder, you should have two folders: [TMXL] Tidal Beach and WashAwayForage

On the list
Improve the load time when SVE installed
Seasonal variation, both for the timing and for the map change (higher/lower tides).
High and low tides for custom maps that feature beach area(?)
Event/phenomenon related to the changing tides. An extreme one so to say…

Possible incompatibility
The wet sands tiles are custom tiles and might not be compatible with some map recolor. Please report if there are any incompatibilities and I’ll do what I can to support the recolor.

Known issue(s)
“I fish here all day, there’s no change at all!” Ah, yes… The map change requires the player to exit and re-enter the map. As of now, I don’t know how to make the change took place in real-time.
“The tide doesn’t show during the festival.” Yep, the festivals will use their own respective map.
Noticeable longer map load time when used with SVE

– Remove the mod folder “TidalBeach” inside /Mods

Credits: ItsBenter
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